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Sometimes it can be tough to know where to turn when your dog or cat needs professional grooming. That's why we created Top Dog Pet Spa. It's the one and only pet salon you'll ever need. And because we are a full-service salon, your pet can get everything they need from nail trimmings to a full service groom, all in a gentle, understanding and stress free environment. Call now for your appointment!


Stress Free Grooming

We never force groom. If a pet feels more comfortable lying down because of age or whatever reason, that's perfectly fine. We never rush pets through the grooming process either! We want pets to enjoy and not be afraid of being groomed!

Hand Drying

All pets are hand dried. Cotton is placed into the pet's ears before drying to protect the ear drums from the force of the air dryer and help with noise reduction. If for any reason cage drying is neccessary they are never left unattended!

All Pets Are Welcome

All pets are welcome. That means even the one groomers can not do or will not do! With over 35 years experience, I have learned the patience and understanding of animal psychology. Think of it as retraining pets to enjoy grooming!


  • "The best groomer of all!"

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    "Since finding Top Dog Pet Spa I have found the best groomer of all! I will not go anywhere else to have any of my grooming needs done...I highly recommend Top Dog Pet Spa for anyone's grooming needs! She is Number 1! The very best!"

    -Donna Bishop
  • "Never been happier..."

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    This is a great place to take your pet to be groomed. They care for your pet as much as you do. I recomend everyone to go there...the price was good and the grooming was excellent. I've never been happier with a pet grooming experience.

    -David Holland
  • "Strongly recommend her..."

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    "Barbara does a great job on grooming my dogs. My dogs love her. I've been going to her for years now and I don't have to worry about my loved ones while in her care. I strongly recommend her for your grooming needs!"

    -Tracy Cece
  • "Great prices with excellent service..."

    star star star star star

    "I highly recommend Barbara... She was recommended by our breeder Donna at Westies R Us. We have taken our puppy several times and it is so worth the time and drive to Roy. After a couple of trips I noticed our Wesite getting excited as soon as we turned off the main road. Never had a dog get excited about going to the groomers. Barbara has a true passion for animals particularly dogs. She is extremely gentle and sensitive to making the experience positive. Pet parents will find great prices with excellent service when you choose Top Dog Pet Spa for your four legged kid."

    -Dawn Schafer-Balgar